Tagesarchiv: Dezember 2, 2014

Tolle Post aus Schweden

Vor kurzem erreichte uns schöne Nachrichten aus Schweden von Opera

Hello Stephan and roman!

Here comes operas testresultats:

Drives Work: Taking an on stubble with a proper will , frames much of the track. Operates more than 1000 m of 8 min . Good return .

Forestry Work: Looking out , stuck and roots in the same small area , a little like finding game .

Water Work: Going in and swim well . Förighet : Good during the day.

Shot Reaction: No remarks . Retrieving : Retrieving after a lot of playing and more commands .

8-8-8-7-3-8-8-8-5 = 63 p Approved (Max 72 points)

Nose – sprockets – Track Will – Track Safety – Forestry operations – Water Work – Will to please – Shot reaction – Retrieving

opera was the best dog of the day. Sadly she got stuck on some old tracks in the Forrest work and the points got not as good as she is. The judge was german Marian Pelz, you know WHO he is?

In september opera went to north of Sweden for som elkhunting. She hunted elk for 45 min, got the elk to stand still for a while.

OperaDas hört sich doch gut an uns sieht vor allem auch gut aus.

Hej till svergie!